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February 2010

Studies show that for successful weight loss you not need to diet, but you need to eat the right food.

It is very easy to lose weight (muscle loss) by starving yourself, but it requires knowledge to lose fat by eating more.

UCLA researchers report in the issue of American Psychologist, apr.5  2007  that diets do not work.

Have you ever been on a diet?

It’s hard to find someone who hasn’t! It’s also hard to find someone who has been on a diet, lost the weight they wanted to, and kept it off for good.  There’s a simple explanation for this:

“A diet is something you stop when you’ve achieved your goal weight. It doesn’t change your habits.”

True and lifelong weight control is not about going on a diet. It’s about addressing the root of a weight problem by making permanent changes to your lifestyle and habits.

Unfortunately, most diets focus only on calories, and foolishly forget one vital component: NUTRITION

The most popular diets include:

  • Low fat diet
  • Low carb diet
  • High protein diet
  • Low calorie diet or calorie restriction.
  • Liquid diet ( optifast, slim fast, herbalife…)
  • Cookie diet
  • etc…
  • Unlike these diets, a proper nutrition will increase and speed up your metabolism.

    A few tips:

    • Never skip a meal
    • Never go on starvation
    • Eat healthy snacks between meals


    Low -fat diet: 

    30% of your daily calories should come from good fat. A low fat diet is very unhealthy and not efficient for weight loss (fat loss).

    Healthy fat helps you:

    • Lose weight
    • Lower your glycemic load
    • Restore your balance omega 3/omega 6 necessary for good health
    • Reduce insulin secretion
    • Lower your cholesterol
    • Stimulate your metabolism
    • Decrease inflammation in the body
    • Nourish your skin, brain, cells..
    • etc…

    Low- fat diets have been popular for more than 15 years, yet people are getting more overweight each year.

    Low-fat and fat free food create insulin secretion (they contain too much sugar and too many chemicals)

    Low-carb diet :

    Some facts about carbohydrates:

    • Low glycemic load carbohydrates  control your blood sugar and insulin (necessary to remain lean and healthy)
    • Only refined carbohydrates create an insulin spike and will make you fat and sick (most cereals, pasta, cookies, crackers…)
    • Good carbs will give you the energy to work out and to burn fat.
    • Healthy carbs are loaded with fiber, antioxidant, vitamins, and minerals.

    Low-carb diets tend to rob your body of too much energy. Low-carb diets are often very high in bad fat (pro-inflammatory)

    This diet is too unhealthy, too strict to follow, and totally inefficient in the long term.


     High protein diet:

    Studies show that whey protein promotes fat loss, but does it mean that a high protein diet is healthy?  Of course not.

    All proteins are not created equal. Some are very healthy, and some are not.

    A high protein diet is generally based on the use of large quantities of  pro inflammatory fat (cheese, saussage, bacon, non grass fed meat…) and the exclusion of all carbohydrate foods.  It can result in:

    • Gout
    • Too much stress on the kidneys
    • Bad breath
    • Loss of muscle tissue
    • Risk of developng diseases  (lack of antioxidant)
    • Very acidic ph


    Calorie restriction diet:

    Calorie restriction is proven to extend the life span in rodents and primates, but do I want to live longer by starving myself and look terrible?  No thanks.

    I am french and food is part of my life. I am advocating a healthy life, not a miserable life.

    To obtain a lean and attractive physique, you need to feed your muscles with enough calories. Period.

    HCG diet:

    The HCG diet protocol can reset your metabolism and protect your essential fat (fat between your organs and needed body fat) and muscle tissue while restricting your caloric intake. 

    It can be a good start, but you must adopt the right lifestyle and follow my 8 principles.  It is not a miracle  in anyway. It cannot give you a great physique like Ross or Nathan.  See my testimonials sections. 

    Fat loss, not weight loss, is the key to looking sexy, shapely and toned!


    Liquid diets (optifast, slimfast, herbalife…)

    Liquid diets are not an effective weight loss in the long term.
    Individuals eventually stop using these replacements and return to their old eating habits. In addition, if these drinks are used as a meal replacement, instead of a supplement, individuals will miss out on the nutritional benefits of solid food.

    The resting metabolic rate drops drastically, preventing the body from burning fat efficiently, and losing too much muscle.

    Cookie diet:

    Dieters eat six of Dr. Siegal’s cookies (a total of 500 calories) during the day and a conventional low-calorie meal at night.

    The American Dietetic Association advises that any diet that’s extremely low in calories will result in quick weight loss. But keeping it off is a different story.

    The cookie diet may not provide the recommended daily amount of nutrients, and some dieters may even overeat the food in the diet plan.

    As a lifestyle personal trainer, and nutrition consultant, I will advise you how to develop a healthy diet plan.

    I work in Palm Beach, West Palm beach and Palm Beach Gardens.

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