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July 2010

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Anti Aging Books

More and more books are coming out on longevity and anti-aging.  Some books have great information, while others are just trying to sell you something about weight loss and unrealistic anti-aging tips, such as calorie restriction.  Some books are credible with healthy advices.  Let me introduce you some of them.  Of course, as a personal trainer anda  nutrition consultant, I […]

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High Fiber Diet: Essential To Get lean And Healthy

High fiber diet offers many health benefits. You must eat more fiber to be healthy.  Let me give you some reasons to believe why a high fiber diet is so good for your health. Dietary fiber is found mainly in: Fruits Vegetables Whole grains Legumes  Nuts and seeds Fiber can relieve constipation, but fiber also promote weight loss,  lower your risk […]

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Tru Chocolate And Weight Loss

A wonderful treat for your weight loss program TRŪ Chocolate is made from Organic Cocoa Beans, Organic Cocoa Butter and the finest ingredients. Some of the ingredients have been traditionally used in India, Tibet, the Amazon and China for centuries. It is a delicious, Antioxidant loaded Chocolate that is all natural with no preservatives. Is […]

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Feed the muscle, burn the fat by Tom Venuto

The book that I recommend to everybody “Burn the fat feed the muscle” by Tom Venuto. This book teaches people how to lose fat and at the same time how to gain muscle while losing weight.  His approach is very similar to my 8 principles to get lean and healthy for life. Tom Venuto believes that some basic principles  need to be followed […]

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Eating well for optimum health

The Essential Guide to Bringing Health and Pleasure Back to Eating By Andrew Weil His Principles of Eating Well When he use the words eating well, he means using food not only to influence health and well-being but to satisfy the senses, providing pleasure and comfort. In addition to supplying the basic needs of the body for calories […]

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The New Book “Change your brain, Change Your body

Why is it so hard to lose weight? by Dr. Amen MD. Have you ever wondered why the diets you have tried never seem to work?  So what is the problem? It could be that you have been trying the wrong type of diet … for your brain! In this new book Change Your Brain, Change Your […]

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The pro’s and con’s of Andrew Weil’s Diet

What Is Dr. Andrew Weil’s Diet? No quick weight-loss promises from Andrew Weil, MD.  He advocates his diet philosophy in four words: Eat less, exercise more. But we know, it is not that simple, check my 8 principles to get lean and healthy. He urges, in his book  “Eating Well for Optimum Health“, and also in his popular […]

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Pillar Number Nine Of Successful Weight Loss

Eat to Live a Long and Healthy Life by Life Extension According to, the author, William Faloon, no one should embark on a weight-loss program by trying to follow a fad diet that cannot be adhered to over the long term. At the same time, aging individuals have to make choices as to what is […]

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Pillar Number Eight Of Successful Weight Loss

Inhibiting the Lipase Enzyme by Life Extension According to, the author, William Faloon, Orlistat is an inhibitor of pancreatic and gastric lipase.  It decreases the intestinal absorption of ingested dietary triglycerides by 30%.  By reducing the breakdown and absorption of dietary fat, orlistat enhances weight loss and lessens insulin resistance. In studies of obese subjects, orlistat […]

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