The truth about weightlifting and weight loss

If you’re gaining muscle, may you end up looking bigger, even though you’re trying to slim down?

Yes, because diet is crucial, and if  you eat more calories that you should, you will put on weight.

If you want a significant weight loss, you need to do more than simply weightlifting. This may not what you heard in the gym or read in fitness magazine. To change your body composition by building more muscle and decreasing your body fat, a very strict lifestyle diet is required.

Someone who is overweight, weight  does matter. Fat cells do not turn into muscle cells, ignoring body weight and trying to shift body composition would end by getting bigger. Even hardcore body builders taking steroids may find it difficult to gain 50 pounds of muscle

You can lose weight from cardio  alone, but when you combined weightlifting and proper diet, you will lose more fat. 

To look bulky, you must:

  • Eat more than you normally do
  • Lift heavy weights several times a week
  • Take testosterone, growth hormone, steroids (eventually)

Even if you do so, it’s tough to gain a lot of muscle.  On average, it takes around six months of progressive weight training for a woman to gain around two pounds of muscle. In this time, men will gain a little more, but not much.

Myth. Fat doesn’t melt as soon as you start weightlifting.

Personal trainers, nutritionists and fitness expert know that weightlifting  improves body composition and decreases body fat, but the body fat loss can be significant only with a strict diet.

Of course, lifting weights to lose significant amounts of body fat is not a realistic option for someone who is not seriously ready to change drastically his lifestyle.

For an overweight person, does weightlifting help them to lose weight?

Absolutely, YES, but there’s little evidence to show that weight training only, leads to weight loss. It is the combination with diet, the real secret. ( check my testimonials)

Calorie control from dieting may be a more effective way to lose fat.

For most people weightlifting only does not seem to be effective for weight reduction … and does not add to weight loss when it is not combined with a lifestyle diet.

Like anything else, weightlifting is not the magic pill for weight loss , but one of the key. 

Combining cardio/weightlifting with my lifestyle diet can produce the biggest weight loss results.

Resistance training has been shown to improve health risk factors such:

  • Blood pressure
  • Cholesterol
  • Bone mass
  • Insulin resistance.


A good lifestyle Personal trainer/nutrition consultant will combined weighlifting, cardio and healthy diet for a successful weight loss. 

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