Weight loss guide book

I recommend this book, it will help you to follow my 8 principles for healthy aging 

Recently written by Life Extension’s William Faloon and Steven Joyal, this science-based book addresses the nine pillars of successful weight loss, using blood tests to safely induce weight loss, a multi-modal approach to combat obesity, the benefits of calorie restriction without hunger, a protocol for dealing insomnia.

As we age, our bodies are programmed to accumulate excess body fat. There is no single cause. Instead, multiple obesity factors predispose you to age-induced weight gain.Up until now, no one has written a comprehensive book to correct each and every one of these scientifically validated obesity-inducers.The Life Extension® Weight Loss Guide is the first book to document the multiple culprits behind age-associated weight gain. You’ll learn how to identify the biological reasons why you amass fat pounds with aging, and then read about specific nutrients, drugs, hormones, and lifestyle changes that will enable you to reverse unwanted weight gain.Unlike anything that has ever been published on this topic, the authors make no claim of simplicity in implementing the comprehensive program this book advocates. To the contrary, the fat-loss protocols described in this publication are the most complex you will ever read. If there were a simple approach to shedding excess body weight the authors argue, America would not be suffering the worst obesity epidemic in history.The Life Extension® Weight Loss Guide is published by an organization with an unparalleled 30-year track record of protecting against degenerative disease. Established in 1980, the Life Extension Foundation® is the largest anti-aging association in the world. A look at their scientific accomplishments reveals how far ahead the Foundation has been in uncovering pioneering approaches for combating age-related disorders.The Life Extension® Weight Loss Guide will open your eyes to scientific weight loss strategies that no one else has tied together. If you are serious about extending your life by shedding deadly surplus fat pounds, this book will make a significant impact on your health and longevity… along with a reduction in your waistline!


 But in any case, this book can replace a personal trainer and a nutrition consultant, for more informations, please contact me.

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