Biological and psychological aging are the ones we can exert the most control over thanks to my 8 principles for healthy aging.

There are several definitions for aging:

  • Chronological Age – Actual numbers of years alive
  • Biological Age – A general term encompassing loss of muscle, strength and endurance, fat gain, loss of ability to resist disease, wrinkling of the skin due to loss of collagen and elastin (loss of hair and teeth)
  • Psychological Age – How old you feel and think you are


Most cellular aging is a direct result of oxidation due to the presence of free radicals. 

You need to eat foods with high ORAC levels to reduce oxidation at the cellular level and take the right supplements

The aging effects can be affected by :

You can influence the aging process, and we call that : ANTI-AGING.

A good lifestyle trainer will not only focus on weight loss, but healthy aging.

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