Artificial sweeteners

Artificial sweeteners: A safe alternative to sugar?

People are consuming large amounts of sugar and refinedcarbohydrates as part of their daily diet. But in excess, sugar can take its toll. Eating large amounts of sugar and refined carbohydrates adds extra calories, which can cause weight gain and hormonal imbalance.. So many people opt for artificial sweeteners as a way to enjoy their favorite foods without as many calories. It is wrong.

What are artificial sweeteners?

Artificial sweeteners are chemicals  compounds that offer the sweetness of sugar without as many calories. Products made with artificial sweeteners have a much lower calorie count than do those made with sugar. Artificial sweeteners are often used by uneducated nutritionists as part of a weight-loss plan or as a means to control weight gain.

People with diabetes use artificial sweeteners because they think it makes food taste sweet without raising blood sugar levels (wrong)  But keep in mind that if you do have diabetes, some foods containing artificial sweeteners, such as sugar-free yogurt or refined carbohydrates, can still affect your blood sugar level. Some foods labeled sugar free such as sugar-free cookies and chocolates  contain sweeteners, such as sorbitol or mannitol, which contain calories and can affect your blood sugar level. Some sugar-free products may also contain refined flour, which will raise blood sugar levels. Also, remember that foods containing sugar substitutes may also contain calories that may undermine your ability to lose weight and control blood sugar.

For a healthy weight loss, artificial sweeteners  are not the solution.

Are you looking for an alternative to artificial sweeteners?


It is a sweetener that occurs naturally. It can be found, for instance, in berries, fruit, vegetables and mushroom. Perfect for weight loss.


It is thoroughly tested in dozens of tests around the world and found to be completely non-toxic. It has also been consumed safely in massive quantities.Perfect for weight loss, but bitter taste.


ZSweet is an ideal diabetic food and is a sensible ingredient for diabetic recipes and diabetic diets because it does not increase blood glucose levels. In a recent study conducted by Glycemic Index Laboratories, ZSweet® was shown to cause 0% increase in blood sugar levels. Perfect for weight loss.

Pure lo lo han

PureLo Lo Han from Swanson Health Products! This concentrated extract from Lo Han (the traditional Chinese fruit also known as Monk Fruit) has found its way out of the Asian markets and into the mainstream as a calorie-free way to sweeten. It’s perfect for coffee and tea and can even be used for cooking and baking.


 A good lifestyle personal trainer understand perfectly how works a long term weight loss. He will recommend to you his best choice for sugar substitute.

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