Avoid some mistakes to get better results

Wrong forms can lead to serious injuries

Many people are wasting our efforts on exercises that don’t deliver, or even worse, cause harm ( unfortunately even with a personal trainer sometimes)

Too many Americans come to the gym and just go through the motions. They want to believe they do not need a personal trainer and know how to get through their workouts. Sadly, that mentality is what causes the majority of injuries

How can you maximize your workout time? Avoid these common mistakes:

1. Weight Overload: Lifting too much weight can injure muscles and the spine. The fact that it is too heavy, the form is not correct, and you will not get the best results.

2. Biceps Only: The bicep is the first upper body muscle that most beginner overdo. Why?  because it is the first muscle that people notice when you wear a T-shirt.  I do not suggest that you should skip your biceps work out, but if you want to maximize your results, focus on every muscles (back, core, chest, legs and shoulders)

3. Too many Abs: If you’re doing thousands of crunches every day to reduce your belly fat, you won’t see  results unless you lose the fat first!  Cardio and a great diet, is the best way for weight loss (burn calories). Add weightlifting to the mix and you’ll give your metabolism a boost too. Then, you can believe on getting a six-pack.

4. The Cardio nuts: Spend an hour a day on a treadmill, stair climber or stationery bike with a death grip on the handrails is not only ineffective, it’s also dangerous. Better follow my 8 principles.

5. Boring routine: If you’re working out  for stress relief, great! But if you want to lose weight and get leaner, you need to shock your body. You would have to run longer, faster.Lift heavier weights and shock the muscles.

When you decide to hire a personal trainer, make sure he is motivated, educated and professional. Hire a trainer with an education in nutrition

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