Best weight loss supplements

Most weight loss supplements won’t help you lose anything but money.

The temptation to use them to lose weight fast is strong. Are they safe and effective?  Which ones work?

Most weight loss supplements have not been proven effective and some are even dangerous.

With a multi million dollars industry behind it, weight loss supplements have never been more lucrative.

  • Use caution with pills that promise to burn fat
  • Be wary of claims that promise immediate, effortless weight loss
  • Be cautious of testimonials that cannot be verified

Instead, follow my principles for healthy aging:

  • Nutrition
  • High intensity weightlifting
  • Cardio
  • Sleeping
  • Hormonal balance
  • However, there are a few, with some research behind them, that prove they actually do work.


    Hydroxycitric acid (HCA):

    HCA ( garcinia cambogia) seems to inhibit an enzyme that converts carbohydrate to fat. It must be taken between meals because fiber prevents absorption of the HCA.

    Phase 2:

    White kidney bean extract seems to inhibit the enzyme alpha -amylase, and this, prevents the breakdown of starch into glucose. With less alpha -amylase activity, there may be less glucose available to convert into fat and store as adipose tissue.

    Pgx  fiber:

    Pgx ( polyglycoplex) is a blend of plant fibers that are water soluble ( Konjac, mulberry). It seems to balance and control blood sugar by reducing insulin secretion. It also seems to help decreasing the portion size.It must be taken 20 minutes before meals and separately from Irvingia and HCA.

    Enhanced Irvingia

    • Enhancing metabolism at the cellular level
    • Slowing the absorption of dietary fat from the intestines
    • Reducing carbohydrate absorption
    • Reducing hunger by supporting leptin sensitivity
    • Maintaining healthy insulin sensitivity
    • Reducing carbohydrate that are converted as fat

    5HTP ( 5 hydroxy-tryptophan)

    70% of 5 HTP converts to serotonin. 5 HTP is best taken on an empty stomach, it will seriously reduce your craving and will promote weight loss. I highly recommend to be supervized by your physician for higher dosage. Nausea is not rare.

    There is no miracle, some can help a little, but most of them, not at all.

    The best, is to follow my 8 principles in order to make a permanent life change, and to make sure that your personal trainer is educated on this important topic.

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