Good carbohydrates versus bad carbohydrates

Most carbohydrates you consume in my nutritional program are slow digesting carbs (low glycemic load.)

What are carbohydrates?

Many people are unaware that vegetables, fruits, and legumes are carbohydrates, too. It is not all bread, rice, and pasta.

What are the good carbs?

  • Most fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Legumes
  • Whole grains

They are absorbed very slowly in the bloodstream and do not impact your blood sugar and insulin.

They balance hormones like:

There is now good evidence that at least 40% of our daily calories should come from good carbohydrates.

It is important to maintain an appropriate balance between calorie intake and expenditure. Scientific studies suggest that: 

  • A diet containing an optimal level of carbs may reduce weight gain
  • Starch and sugars provide readily accessible fuel for physical performance
  • Dietary fiber helps keep the bowel functioning correctly, and may prevent colon cancer and heart disease 
  • Good carbs are full of  good nutrients (vitamins, minerals, antioxidants proven to reduce diseases)
  • Good carbs prevent craving and may promote weight loss 
  • Good carbs stabilize your blood sugar

A healthy diet must include 5 to 9 servings of fruits and vegetables a day.

Your body needs these good carbs, but people eat far too few of them.

I am extremely disturbed when some of my clients say they avoid eating whole fruits because they are not recommended on their low carbs diets.

What are the bad carbs?

  • Refined rice
  • Refined pasta
  • Any form of sugar

You must pretty much eliminate them from your diet if you want to have a great physique and optimal health.

I call them anti-nutrient. They are forbidden in my program, and they should be completely eliminated from your life.

You take in bad carbs everytime you drink a soda or a beer, or eat processed food.

When you eat these things, your bloodstream is flooded with sugar, which causes an instant insulin spike.

After this spike, your blood sugar level will crash, and you will be overcome with hunger.

This leads to a vicious cycle. You’ll crave more sugar.

Eventually, bad carbs will have damaging effects on:

  • Your organs
  • Your mood
  • Your sex life
  • Your overall appearance
  • Your health
  • your hormones
  • your life

A good lifestyle personal trainer will address all causes of poor nutrition, and will help you to select your good carbs.

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