Feed the muscle, burn the fat by Tom Venuto

The book that I recommend to everybody “Burn the fat feed the muscle” by Tom Venuto.

This book teaches people how to lose fat and at the same time how to gain muscle while losing weight.  His approach is very similar to my 8 principles to get lean and healthy for life.
Tom Venuto believes that some basic principles  need to be followed to achieve a successful weight loss.  Like me, he believes that weight loss is not the same as fat loss.  His book  teaches you how to lose weight but also how to be healthy.

Author Credibility 

Since 1989, Tom Venuto has been a nutrition consultant, personal trainer, motivation coach, fitness model, health club manager and author / writer.

Tom Venuto has been featured in many bodybuilding and fitness magazines including IRONMAN magazine (US, Italian and Australian editions), Exercise for Men, Natural Bodybuilding, Muscular Development, Men’s Exercise and Men’s Fitness.

Tom Venuto has appeared in the mainstream press including Oprah magazine, First for Women magazine, Experience Life magazine, The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times.  He has also been a guest on dozens of radio shows including Martha Stewart healthy living (Sirius), WCBS-AM, 1250-ESPN and BlogTalk Radio.

He is a  weight loss and body building expert worldwide and I can promise to you that you don’t need to worry about the quality and the credibility of the burn the fat feed the muscle program.

Check his website: www.burnthefat.com

Goal setting and motivation 

I explained very clearly in my article “motivation” that goal setting is very important when we think about weight loss.  So does Tom Venuto, he emphasizes the fact that motivation is crucial and you need to set a goal for success.  I cannot agree more with tony ventuno.

The author also explained in his book, that there are different body type. Nobody has the same body type and unfortunately too many personal trainers and nutritionists overlook this important part. The nutrition and exercise must be customized for each person.  This book show you how to identify the body type of each one.

Healthy eating habits 

Tom Venuto discussed  in his Book, on what food you should eat.   He advises what to eat and what to avoid at any costs, during the process of losing weight.  He also discusses the bad foods that most people are still eating, and should not.


Tom Venuto discusses about the supplements that can be taken. Fitness and health industry are marketing over priced supplements which are a waste of money for most of them. The same way I do, he warns you about the weight loss scams.  To avoid those scam supplements, check my related articles.  He also explains the need of supplements and what type of supplements you need to have a healthy and permanent weight loss.

Cardio Training and Weight Training 

Exercise is a crucial factor in order to lose fat, build muscles, or both.  This book also clearly explains why you need to combine cardio and weightlifting
Millions readers have liked his book, and you will too.  This program and my 8 principles will help you to successfully lose weight. 
Burn the Fat and feed the muscle is a very good book, and you should follow its advices, in order to gain muscle while losing the weight

As a personal trainer and nutrition consultant, I highly recommend to read this book and his website.

For more information, feel free to email me, I work in Palm Beach, West Palm Beach, and West Palm Beach area.

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