Flax seed and weight loss


Can flax help you manage your weight? The answer is yes.

First, flax is very high in fiber: only one ounce of flaxseed contains 32% of the recommended daily amount. Fiber helps to keep weight down in several ways:

High-fiber foods have low energy density, which means fewer calories relative to the total weight of the food. Essentially, you can pile your plate with plenty of high-fiber foods without worrying about calorie overload.

High-fiber foods are also more filling.

Fiber is absorbed by our bodies more slowly than other food compounds, which means that we feel full longer when we eat it.

Flax in particular is more filling than other foods, since it swells to form a gel-like substance in the intestine, thereby delaying the passage of food from the stomach.

Flax also helps to stabilize blood sugar levels, which makes the energy we get from eating last longer and so prevents the early-onset “munchies” that we all know so well!

Flax contains high levels of the good fat (Omega 3). A full 42% of flaxseed is oil, and 70% of that is the healthful polyunsaturated fat. Lots of diets recommend that we lower our fat intake, which is not true. Saturated fats or polyunsaturated omega 6, like the kind found in greasy French fries and pizza, are certainly bad for us and should be avoided.

Omega 3 and some Omega 6,however, are an essential part of our diet, and should not be cut out. Low-fat diets often give people the feeling of never being “full,” since fats in large part are what give us a “full” feeling. This, of course, just makes us eat more, and has been the downfall of many a determined dieter. Consuming the proper amount of fat, as found in flaxseed, can help to give us that “full” feeling without the harm of bad fats, and thereby help us to maintain a healthy diet.

If weight management is important to you, I would recommend dividing your daily flax intake into a few portions, and taking a little bit with each meal. You’ll feel “full” more quickly with less food, and you’ll take longer to get hungry afterwards. I’d also recommend eating other foods that are high in fiber, like:

  • Legumes
  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Bran cereals
  • Hemp breads

Flax can be helpfully added to all sorts of these nutritious foods.

Finally, remember to drink at least eight glasses of water a day, to get plenty of sleep and exercise.

A good lifestyle personal trainer/nutrition consultant will help you to follow my 9 principles in order to achieve a permanent weight loss.


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