How To Lose Weight By Inhibiting Cellular Fat Storage

Health authorities are warning about the devastating consequences of obesity, yet doctors remain in the dark about what causes people to accumulate so many fat pounds as they age.

Through a series of well-designed studies, scientists investigating certain plant extracts found they can block fat storage at the cellular level.

According to Life Extension Magazine, some significant scientific advance, a potent new weapon has been identified to help safely induce weight loss.

Life Extension describes how a novel dual plant extract favorably modulates six pathways that fat cells use to trigger weight gain.

When tested on humans in a placebo-controlled study, those taking this dual plant extract lost 4.05 inches of abdominal fat and dropped 11.4 pounds after eight weeks…with weight loss observed as early as 14 days.

Cells that store fat are called adipocytes. They are deposited throughout our bodies.

As we age, adipocytes tend to expand and congregate in areas that are cosmetically unsightly and detrimental to our health.

Of greatest concern are the adipocytes that deposit deep in our abdomens. This “visceral fat” represents more than fat stored on our waistlines. Visceral fat is chemically active tissue that churns out a torrent of pro-inflammatory cytokines.

Those with bulging belly fat suffer constant bombardment from toxic cytokines that trigger the metabolic syndromeand its deadly consequences.

This widespread problem led scientists to seek out plant extracts that specifically interfere with adipocyte fat storage in our abdominal anatomy.

If you are interested by this artcile, please check Life Extension Magazine. Of course, I still recommend first, to follow my 8 principles, in order to lose fat and stay healthy.

A good personal trainer will help.

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