Insulin has a profound effect on aging.

If you have too much or too little of it, you won’t live for long, it:

  • Sweeps sugar inside cells
  • Turns amino acids from protein into muscle
  • Transforms fatty acids into fat

Sugar is first stored into liver and muscle (glycogen).  Excess sugar that cannot be stored as glycogen, is converted into fat.

Insulin secretion is promoted by all food groups.

However refined carbohydrate and high glycemic load trigger insulin spike, and create a  hormonal imbalance.

When your pancreas overworks with too much sugar, you gain weight and increase your chances of developing disease.

Your insulin levels will remain perfectly stable with my 8 principles for healthy aging.

If you have belly fat, your pancreas is secreting too much insulin, period.

Foods, supplements and factors that hepl balance insulin:

  • Chromium
  • Cinnulin pf
  • PGX fiber
  • High fiber foods
  • Grass fed meat
  • Organic eggs
  • Shellfish
  • My 8 principles

Foods and factors that disturb insulin :

  • Sugar
  • Refined carbohydrate
  • High glycemic load carbohydrate
  • Low fat products
  • Artificial sweetener
  • Processed food
  • Sedentary life

As a lifgestyle personal trainer and nutrition consultant, I will teach how to reduce your insulin secretion for a healthy weight loss.

I will also recommend to you an integrative physician to check your fasting insulin level, for more informations you can email me.  I work in Palm Beach, West Palm Beach and Palm Beach Gardens.

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