Is organic butter in moderation really bad for you?

Can butter improve your health?

Studies show, butter is much better for your health than margarine. Butter aids in the absorption of:

  • Beta-carotene
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin K
Not all of these saturated fats have the same effect on blood cholesterol as other saturated fats (short chain and medium chain are good fats)  

Can butter rebuild health and protect against disease?

Butter has been found to contain an extensive number of micronutrients.

  • Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) helps your heart function better by utilizing fatty reserves for energy and reducing weight
  • Sphingolipids assists in inhibiting cancer
  • Stearic acid lowers saturated fat
  • Butyric acid reduces chronic inflammatory conditions that help decrease the risk of colon cancer
  • Myristic and lauric acid raise your good choleterol HDL

Did you know CLA can help you lose weight?

The CLA in butter has been shown to:
  1. Be an anticarcinogen in animals
  2. Reduce the adverse catabolic effects induced by immune stimulation in rats, mice and chickens
  3. Enhance growth performance in rats and inhibit plaque formation in rabbits fed an atherogenic diet at least
    in part via changes in lipoprotein metabolism
  4. Inhibit the body’s mechanism for storing fat and causes the body to utilize fatty reserves for energy
  5. Have powerful antioxidant properties.
CLA has been shown to inhibit lipoprotein lipase, an enzyme that breaks down fat gobules in the blood so that adipocyte (fat cell) uptake, or body fat accumulation, can occur. The inhabitation of lipoprotein lipase results in reduced fat deposition.
CLA also increases hormone sensitive lipase activity, an enzyme that breaks down fats stored in fat cells on the body. The fatty acids are returned to the blood stream to be used as an energy source for muscle cells. CLA directs the body to use fat reserves for energy.
Have you heard that Stearic acid can lower your cholesterol?
Stearic acid is a saturated fatty acid. Recent research suggests that diets high in stearic acid help lower total blood cholesterol. (chocolate contains significant amounts of stearic acid)
Did you ever imagine this butter ingredient can help prevent cancer? Butyric acid and other short chain fatty acids are taken up by the intestine to be used for energy.
Butyric acid is specifically an important energy source for the cells lining the COLON, where it seems to assist their normal development and maintenance. Butyric acid seems to reduce chronic inflammatory conditions of the colon, and high fecal levels correlate with decreased risk of colon cancer.
Butyric acid works in several other ways as well.
1. It reduces the inflammatory condition of these walls reducing intracellular seepage of undigested food particles.
2. It seals up the holes left by penetration of the roots, i.e. rhizoids, of candida albicans overgrowth, which are often implicated in secondary food sensitivities.
3. It stimulates epithelial sloughing in the intestinal tract. New attachment sites are created for favorable bio-flora such as bifidus and acidophilus cultures.

4. It re-establishes the balance of protective bacteria plus supports our enzyme and fighter cell capabilities, which is necessary for stronger immune support.

In compromised immune systems, undifferentiated cell growth can be inhibited by butyric acid.

A good lifestyle personal trainer/nutrition consultant will recommend to you organic grassfed butter.


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