Jusuru The New Anti-Aging Supplement

Jusuru contains BioCell Collagen II, which is a clinically researched, patented and 100% natural dietary ingredient that supports joint and skin health.

With its naturally occurring and bioavailable complex of:

  • Hydrolyzed collagen type II
  • Hyaluronic acid
  • Chondroitin sulfate

Jusuru may play a vital role in the body’s ability to maintain healthy connective tissues and promotes joint mobility and youthful-looking skin.

BioCell Collagen II has been safely and successfully used by millions of consumers since its introduction in the market in 1997.

BioCell Collagen II and the active components that make up its complex structure have a long history of use and safety as dietary ingredients. With several clinical studies conducted to support its effectiveness

BioCell Collagen II has been granted multiple U.S. and international patents.
BioCell Collagen II® is a unique ingredient that provides the body with “tissue specific food” for maximum nutritional support. The most common structural protein in the body is collagen.

BioCell Collagen II® is the ultimate collagen food. Unlike ordinary dietary supplements that contain a blend of multiple ingredients.

BioCell Collagen II is made from a single naturally occurring source and utilizes a patented processing method which ensures rapid absorption. BioCell Collagen II® is widely used by dietary supplement marketing companies in products that provide nutritional support and promote:


BioCell Collagen II includes an abundance of collagen type II – the main structural building block of joint cartilage. The patented BioCell Collagen II manufacturing process allows your body to easily absorb this normally very hard-to-digest protein. Once in your body, the protein can provide nourishment directly to the joints, thereby promoting healthy joint structure and function.


BioCell Collagen II naturally contains high concentrations of hyaluronic acid (HA), an important element of skin tissue that’s like a “space filler” because it provides moisture-filled cushioning between cells, giving your skin its suppleness and youthful appearance. Leading dermatological science research demonstrates that HA levels in the skin diminish with aging – a process that serves as a major culprit in creating wrinkles and loss of skin firmness and elasticity. BioCell Collagen II is an effective way of supplementing your diet with bioavailable HA for long-lasting skin benefits.
BioCell Collagen II is suitable for any adults who want to maintain and improve skin and joint health and combat the signs of aging. Diet, age, stress and physical activity all determine individual needs and requirements. BioCell Collagen II is a time-tested product that can benefit you!

Jusuru is also a blend of 13 powerful fruits, which may work in synergy with BioCell Collagen II, as a lifestyle personal trainer I highly recommend Jusuru for a healthy diet.

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