This Is Not a Diet, It’s a Lifestyle.

Have you ever been on a diet? It’s hard to find someone who hasn’t! It’s also hard to find someone who has been on a diet, lost the weight they wanted to, and kept it off for good. There’s a simple explanation for this

A diet is something you stop when you’ve achieved your weight loss. It doesn’t change your habits.

True and lifelong weight control is not about going on a diet. It’s about addressing the root of a weight problem by making permanent changes to your lifestyle and habits.

This article looks at:

  • How lifestyle affects weight
  • Making lifestyle changes

Lifestyle and weight gain

The term lifestyle describes the way you live each day:

  • Your eating behaviors
  • How you spend leisure time
  • How you exercise
  • Your job
  • How social you are
  • What you enjoy doing

Weight control and lifestyle habits are strongly linked.

How you eat and how active you are, affect how easy it is to control your weight. It’s likely you’ll find weight control difficult, if your current lifestyle doesn’t lend itself to my 8 principles such as:

  • Healthy eating
  • Regular exercise
  • Good sleeping habits
  • Effective stress-management
  • Hormonal balance with optimal ranges

 On the other hand, weight control will be easier if you follow my 8 principles for healthy aging.

  1. What is your current lifestyle like?
  2. How do your current habits affect your weight control?
  3. Recognizing how your habits affect your weight helps you to see where you need to make lifestyle changes.
  4. Which aspects of your lifestyle are working against your weight control?
  5. Which aspects are having a positive influence?

You can’t change everything about your lifestyle, have realistic goals.

You probably don’t want to anyway,  but if there are aspects of your lifestyle that make it very difficult to lose weight, think about how you might change those to make weight control easier. You don’t need to be health gurus, but many of us could do better with a healthier approach when it comes to our daily habits and routine.

When starting out with lifestyle changes, it’s best to take things slowly.

Don’t rush and try to change everything at once.Too fast is almost sure to end in failure. Choose one or two changes to focus on at a time, and once you’re happy with the progress you’re making, set some new goals. Start with the things that matter most to you and that you think will make the biggest difference to achieve your weight loss.

Keep a journal,it is helpful when making changes to the way you:

  • Eat
  • Exercise
  • Pick your personal trainer
  • Follow the 8 principles
  • Handle other aspects of daily life
  • Etc…

It is a great way to write down the changes you want to make, process your thoughts and feelings and help you stay focused on your goals, face your problems, and celebrate your success.If thinking about all the changes that you’d like to make to your lifestyle seems overwhelming – don’t worry! You will get there – slowly but surely.

My Program is designed to help you make small changes over time that gradually build up and result in success.

Keep in mind also, that your lifestyle will never be perfect, but it’s okay

Even without a perfect lifestyle, you can still change key habits that allow you to control your calorie intake, keep active, and eat healthily.

Losing weight can sometimes be a slow, frustrating process, but remember that weight gain doesn’t happen overnight, so neither will weight loss!

A lifestyle personal trainer is highly trained for this purpose

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