Motivation is the strongest psychological component of fitness, weight loss and wellness. Often it can be crucial to your success.

  • Why are you looking to change your lifestyle?
  • Is it to look younger and more attractive?
  • Are you in grave danger and your doctor told you to do so?
  • You do not fit in your clothes?
  • You feel terrible?
  • etc…

Keeping highly motivated at all times can be difficult.

But often it is the difference between success and failure. Only after this mindset is achieved, you can move forward.  I will keep you motivated by communicating with you daily, and make sure you get results week after week. Also a one to one personal training, in a nice private fitness studio is very motivating.

In my program, you will work with the best:

Edwige Gilbert, is a leader in the field of wellness and well-being. She is an international speaker, wellness coach and author of ” The fresh start promise, 28 days to complete mind, body, spirit transformation”

She has a unique ability to ground mind-body techniques into useful pathways for real change. She can transform your stress into strength..

Glenn Chapman, MD, is the doctor in my team, he is an integrative physician, highly trained with hormones replacement. He is also a holistic doctor, I could not imagine working without doctor Chapman.

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