New Coenzyme Q10

QuinoGel®  is the ONLY water soluble Ubiquinol Coq10.

Raj Chopra B.S, M.S.

Raj Chopra, B.S. (Pharm), M.S. (Pharm)


What is ubiquinol?

It is the reduced, active form of coenzyme Q10. Produced naturally within the body, Ubiquinol os COQ10 that has been converted into the form that is active within our cells.

Many researchs,  shown Ubiquinol to be absorbed better than Ubiquinone . But  WateSoluble Ubiquinol give a  significant advantage over regular delivery systems of both ubiquinone and ubiquinol.

QuinoGel Ubiquinol is both fat and water soluble, and amplyfies the power of ubiquinol (Kaneka QH) by applying the patended Bio-Solv process for enhanced absorption and bioavailability. Bio-Solv technology revolutionized CoQ10 by making fat-soluble ubiquinone water soluble.
When applied to ubiquinol, the Bio-Solv process achieves the same results, producing ultra-high absorption potential and optimizing the amount of ubiquinol that reaches the cell.
Research in both humans and animals shows that Ubiquinol (the ONLY water soluble Ubiquinol CoQ10) is absorbed better by the body than Ubiquinone with it’s 100% dissolution.
Why use the Quinogel?
Because there has been a lot of Q-10 products that have been developed over the years in an attempt to increase the absorption/bioavailability with Quinogel Biosolv being the most recent and best.

As a personal trainer and a nutrition consultant, specialized in fat loss, I highly recommend you to order Quinogel at, and Idebenone.

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