Nutrition Consultations

May be the most important tool for ultimate weight loss and optimal health: Nutrition

My nutritional program is based on scientifically proven facts for anti-aging, illness prevention, fat loss and general well-being.

Everyone selling weight loss program has a different agenda, and claims to have the answer. I will teach you how to look good without starving.

But the truth is, you need a comprehensive approach to the multiple molecular factors that make you fat, keep you fat.  Read my 8 principles.

You want to stay healthy? you simply have to lose that extra weight.  Period.

Remember, It is common to lose weight without burning fat.

If you are ready to get serious, let me be your guide!

My nutritional consultation last one hour:

  • You will be given the basic science on pro-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory fats, good and bad carbohydrates, fibers, protein, supplements, etc. to lose and manage your weight for lifetime.
  • You will learn the essentials tools and information you need to help you control your weight independently for the long term.
  • I will show you what to do and when, and evaluates your progress.
  • I can follow you daily, with the best online program
  • Calorieking is an interactive program that “listens” to you, helping you move along according to your personal goals, timeline, needs and preferences.
  • Diary integrates all 70.000 foods
  • Database and library of healthy recipes with sample meal plans to teach you how to eat  to get lean and healthy.

Schedule a consultation to discover how my approach can give you results you have never experienced.  Check some amazing testimonials.

Contact me  at , I am a personal trainer/nutrition consultant in Palm Beach Gardens. My gym is located at Northlake boulevard and Miltary trail Palm Beach Gardens.

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