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The Ornish diet, founded by Dr. Dean Ornish, is a diet that is reportedly an easy method to lose a lot of weight over a short time frame. Where most diets are considered to be low fat, this is considered to be extremely low fat and also follows a vegetarian type path where only certain animal products are allowed.

This seems to be a rather restrictive diet but according to many client testimonials, it does work when used over a set length of time, although this cannot be guaranteed for all users of the Ornish diet as people react differently to various diets and situations.


A meal and recipe plan for the duration of the Ornish diet is provided along with the information on what foods that you should or should not eat. There are certain foods that are banned and these include most meat products, sugar, rice and fatty foods. The remainder of the foods that you can eat seem to settle around fruit and vegetables and it is this that has been criticised by many.

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The Ornish diet has been widely criticised by many people on the various websites used in researching this weight loss program and it has been referred to as incredibly restrictive and horribly demanding with a great deal of foods banned from the diet plans.

There are recipe plans and meal plans to make following this diet easier but these all seem to center on fruits and vegetables and not very much else. Some websites suggest this could lead to a deficiency of certain nutrients but this can easily be remedied with various supplements.

We can’t seem to find an official website for the Ornish diet and most of the information comes from a series of books by Dean Ornish. Some titles of these books are “Eat More, Weight Less” and “The Spectrum: A Scientifically Proven Program to Feel Better, Live Longer, Lose Weight, and Gain Health”.

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  • Diet programs that eliminate fatty foods will usually help you lose weight.


  • It can be very hard for most people to follow such a restrictive diet unless they are serious about becoming vegetarians or vegans.
  • There is no official website for this diet plan so you will have to buy some books about it.


It has been proven for a long time now that a low-fat diet will help you lose weight. This program really emphasizes this fact and restricts your meat and dairy intake to pretty much nothing. This can be a hard diet to follow but if you have the willpower to do it, you are almost guaranteed to lose weight.

For those who don’t like the idea of changing their eating habits in such a drastic fashion, we recommend finding a proven weight loss supplement with thermogenic ingredients that will help you lose weight throughout the day.

The Ornish diet was created by Dr. Dean Ornish and is geared towards helping people live a healthier lifestyle. It is also recommended for those who are suffering from heart diseases, diabetes and those that may have a higher risk for some types of cancer.

The Ornish diet is a program that includes not only healthy foods to be eaten, but it strongly encourages exercise as well as relaxation techniques in order to live a healthier and fuller life. One of the principles of the Ornish diet is that you educate yourself on which foods are healthy and which are not. To help label foods that are healthy and those that are not, Dr. Ornish has creates three simple categories.

  1. Foods that can be eaten all the time. This category includes foods such as fruits & vegetables along with grains and beans.
  2. Foods that can be eaten in moderation. Some foods included in this category include nonfat and low-fat dairy products along with commercially available foods (processed) that either have no fat or are low in fat.
  3. Foods that should never be eaten. This category includes many foods that taste good, but are ultimately not good for your body and health. Foods in this category include alcoholic beverages, high fat foods and foods such as red meat, fats, oils, sugars, salts, and alcohols.

Once on the diet, you should be receiving lots of vitamins and minerals along with food that is rich in fiber. You should also not only lose weight, but many of your body’s processes should work more efficiently (e.g. digestive system, cardiovascular system).

Ornish Diet Pros

It is advocated by Dr. Ornish, that once on the diet you should eat several smaller meals spread apart by only a few hours using foods from category 1. This will help with you stay satisfied instead of constantly craving for food. This action will also increase your metabolic rate- helping you burn calories and lose weight.

Ornish Diet Cons

Because of the strict categories a person must stick to when on the Ornish diet, it can be very difficult for a less disciplined person to stay with the diet for a long period of time. In addition, those that are athletic may find that this diet does not offer enough protein which is necessary to build muscle.

As a personal trainer and nutrition consultant, I can guide you and show you what will work for you.

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