Pillar Number Nine Of Successful Weight Loss

Eat to Live a Long and Healthy Life by Life Extension

According to, the author, William Faloon, no one should embark on a weight-loss program by trying to follow a fad diet that cannot be adhered to over the long term. At the same time, aging individuals have to make choices as to what is more important, i.e., ingesting foods that are known to promote weight gain (and cause horrendous diseases) or selecting healthier foods that facilitate weight loss and protect against illness.

Six years ago, Life Extension® published an article about the dangers of eating foods cooked at high temperatures (over 250 degrees). Overcooked foods damage our body’s proteins, while foods cooked at lower temperatures have been shown to facilitate weight loss. So just changing how your foods are prepared could help you shed body fat and, at the same time, protect against age-related disease (see “Eating food cooked at high temperature accelerates aging,” Life Extension, May 2003).

Solid scientific evidence shows that excess calorie ingestion accelerates the onset of degenerative disease and the aging process itself—in addition to promoting the unsightly accumulation of body fat.  With the help of the various elements described in this Nine Pillars of Successful Weight Loss, the reduction in body fat one may see should provide a strong motivational basis to initiate more sensible food intake patterns.

It’s never too late to change one’s lifestyle in a manner that promotes better health while melting away excess body fat.

Conclusion of Life Extension

Lifestyle changes are clearly critical to safe and responsible loss of weight and body fat and provide additional quality-of-life benefits that vastly exceed simple reduction in disease risk. Clinicians and patients who are truly committed to attaining a long and happy life will always include responsible diet and moderate exercise programs in their long-term plans.

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