Pillar Number Two Of Successful Weight Loss

Restore Youthful Hormone Balance

According to, the author, Willaim Faloon, most overweight human beings have suffere from dieting, but have failed to achieve any kind of sustained fat reduction. While eating less addresses some of the underlying causes of weight gain, the high failure rate of dieting is partially attributable to the severe alteration in hormone levels that occurs as part of normal aging.

A large percentage of men today suffer from abdominal obesity—the most dangerous kind of body fat.  It is often difficult, if not impossible for aging men to lose inches off their waistline if they are deficient in free testosterone, especially in the presence of excess estrogen. Low levels of dehydroepiandro-sterone (DHEA) can also contribute to undesirable fat accumulation in men and women.


A comprehensive blood test panel can reveal free testosterone and estrogen (estradiol) levels so that a physician can prescribe a topical testosterone cream and an aromatase-inhibiting drug (if necessary) to restore a man’s sex hormone profile to a youthful range. The same blood test panel can also detect DHEA blood levels to enable one to take the proper dose of this over-the-counter dietary supplement.

A comprehensive blood test panel should also measure prostate-specific antigen (PSA) in men to help rule out prostate cancer.  Those with prostate cancer cannot restore these hormones until the cancer is completely eradicated. Some men are able to reduce excess estrogen while simultaneously boosting free testosterone by taking nutrient formulas that contain plant extracts to help inhibit the aromatase enzyme (which converts testosterone into estrogen) and decrease levels of sex hormone-binding globulin (which binds free testosterone).

A substantial percentage of aging men and women have less-than-optimal thyroid levels, thus predisposing them to weight gain.  Thyroid hormone is needed to maintain healthy metabolic rates.  Those who are deficient in thyroid hormone should be prescribed thyroid medication to maintain or improve their overall health, as well as to provide this hormone involved in the regulation of body composition. Drugs to consider are Armour® natural thyroid complex (containing both T4 and T3)  or Cytomel® (containing T3).  Trying to lose weight in the face of thyroid hormone deficit can be particularly challenging.

A common problem women experience during menopause is an increase in belly fat mass. Estrogen levels plummet during menopause and some studies correlate this estrogen deficiency with greater abdominal adiposity in women.  While excess levels of horse urine-derived estrogen drugs may cause weight gain, evidence suggests that individually dosed natural estrogen replacement facilitates a reduction in abdominal fat in women who are estrogen deficient.  Restoring hormone balance in aging females requires the intervention of a health care practitioner with specialized expertise in prescribing bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.  Men are more fortunate in that almost any doctor can prescribe the proper dose of testosterone (and aromatase-inhibiting drugs, if needed).




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