Protein Isolate versus Protein Concentrate

DoctorJoseph Mercola believes that Isolate is really bad for you, while other believe it is the best, so another confusing and controversial topic among nutrition.

Whey has a high biological value (BV). A high BV means that the amino acid ratio is excellent and that a large proportion of the protein consumed is absorbed and utilized by the body. Also whey has immune-system enhancing benefits when it is low temperature and undenatured.

Both whey protein can promote weight loss

It is filtered and processed in order to remove most of the lactose and fat. It can be  micro-filtration or ion exchange, but I do not recommend ion exchange.  They are separating fat and lactose from the protein. Either concentrate or isolate

Some believe  isolate is more pure, it contains more protein with less fat and lactose per serving, but doctor Mercola believe opposite.  Whey isolate usually contains between 90-94% protein while whey concentrate has a protein ratio of 70-85%.

If you are lactose intolerant and you have problems with gas and bloating, then the isolate might be a better choice. Whey protein concentrate is still an excellent source of protein, but  when isolate is micro-filtered, and low temperature , you will get more of the valuable immune-boosting glycomacropeptides  such as alpha lactoglobulins and lactoferrins removed in the filtering process.

With isolated protein, the separation is accomplished through an alcohol wash, water wash, or ionization technique. Each method has a different expense. Water is the least expensive and ionization is the most expensive. After the isolate is created it goes through a filtration process. At this point, virtually everything but the protein has been eliminated. Minimal carbohydrate, fat, fiber and phytochemicals are left. Isolated protein is about 90 – 95 percent protein by weight.”

Concentrate is less processed and more whole, but has less protein. Isolate has protein, but it’s subjected to a more rigorous refinement process. Bodybuilders are drawn to the “purity” of whey isolate, lured by the moderately higher protein counts. Isolate is also considerably more expensive than concentrate

As a lifestyle personal trainer and nutrition consultant, I highly recommend micro-filtered and low temperature, either isolate or concentrate, your glycomacropeptides must be preserved for health benefits.

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