Revesratrol and weight loss

Resveratrol is highlighting new weight loss studies

If appetite could be controlled, weight loss will infinitely easier.
Virtually every weight loss drug targets appetite. Now a natural and safe approach to this challenge has been proven successful. 

A recent study undertaken in France showed promising results in achieving weight loss using Resveratrol.

Almost every property of an effective weight control product was shown to control to curb appetite through the consumption of resveratrol.

The study, the first carried out on non-human primates, found that the lemurs ingested 13% fewer calories, and their resting metabolic rate was increased by 29%, causing less seasonal body-mass gain. Reseachers noted the lemurs’ activity levels were unchanged, and except for an increase in the glucose-dependent insulinotropic polypeptide, a gut hormone known to promote mobilization of fat stores, no major change in appetite hormone plasma levels occurred.

Resveratrol also inhibited the depth of temporary hibernation (Torpor) which is an important energy saving process employed by animals.

Resveratrol is a natural polyphenolic compound that is found in several plants including grapes, nuts, berries and Japanese Knotweed. This phytoalexin acts as the plants immune system and is triggered when the plant is placed under attack from bacteria or fungi.

If you are looking to lose more than ten or twenty pounds, my 8 principles is your best option. But I also recommend revesratrol, it is a natural, safe, healthy, weight loss supplement.

Tackling the weight loss challenge requires a multi-pronged approach. No magic bulet  is the answer.

Hire a personal trainer/nutrition consultant, and combine weightlifting, cardio, diet and supplements.

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