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The Nine Pillars of Successful Weight Loss

      According to Life Extension Foundation   The Life Extension Foundation has a 29-year track record of identifying novel methods to address the health concerns of aging humans. For example, Life Extension warned long ago that atherosclerosis was caused by more than a dozen independent correctable risk factors, with cholesterol and LDL being […]

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The New Diet book “400 calorie Fix”

Nutritionists always advise portion control in order to lose weight. The new book  “400 Calorie Fix “ offers a variety of recipes that meet that 400-calorie for each meal. This book is teaching you how to become efficient at measuring out smaller portion.   After a while, it becomes easier to gauge how many calories you’re eating […]

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The truth about your diet soda

Diet soda and weight gain? Dieters often wonder why they aren’t losing weight, and in some cases, diet soda weight gain may be the culprit. Diet foods can be misleading, like low fat food products that are high in calories because they add sugar to make them taste good. While diet soda really is low […]

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Nutrition basics

Because it’s calories that determine your weight, you can still lose weight even if you never pay attention to carbs, fat or protein. Reaching your Calorie Target is an important goal for weight loss and my program recommend focusing on this, but remember that you can lose weight without losing fat. However, knowing something about nutrition  can help you get […]

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