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Managing Stress

The Fight or Flight response has been around for millions of years, but it could also make you fat. When faced with stress, our bodies releases too much cortisol and insulin. [click to continue…]

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The truth about your diet soda

Diet soda and weight gain? Dieters often wonder why they aren’t losing weight, and in some cases, diet soda weight gain may be the culprit. Diet foods can be misleading, like low fat food products that are high in calories because they add sugar to make them taste good. While diet soda really is low […]

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Probiotics and weight loss

Can probiotics help you to lose weight? Weight control is a significant worldwide problem, particularly in the United States. A study by the National Health and Nutrition Examination found the percentage of overweight American adults is now at 64.5 percent. And sadly, this trend holds true for children, too, who are becoming obese at an […]

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