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High prolactin levels may cause weight gain.

Weight gain and elevated body weight are frequently associated with high prolactin level. Weight loss was recorded in 70% of prolactinomas patients and in 90% of male patients who normalized their prolactin levels.

Besides weight gain and difficulty losing weight, high levels also causes also in males:

  • Impotence
  • Low libido
  • Water retention

A good lifestyle personal trainer is familiar with hormones and weight loss.

In my 8 principles for healthy aging, I recommend the best integrative physicians, highly  trained for hormone imbalance.

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Excess of estrogen is responsible for a vast number of health problems. It is one of the main cause of prostate enlargement, prostate cancer, and heart disease in men and a big risk factor for breast cancer in women. In women, estrogen dominance can cause: Weight gain Headache Osteoporosis Night sweat Mood swing Fatigue Low libido etc.. Testosterone/estrogen levels in […]

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