Ross Gardner

On February 20th 2005, I weighed 360 lb. In four years, I gained 160 lb.Wow. In early January 2005, I began to get very depressed and things that mattered in the past were no longer important.

I arrived in Florida on March 2, 2005 and immediately started Pascal’s program. When I started the program my cholesterol was over 250 total. I started off with light workouts and meal planning. The importance of Pascal cannot be told in a few pages of writing. I needed to figure out why I got to be as big as I got. We did get to the root of the problem and I have now lost over 120 lbs in a little over five months. Pascal has shown me how to exercise and live a healthy life. My cholesterol is now 100 total.

Ross Before

Ross 6% bodyfat 18 months later

ross after he lost 100 lbs

Pascal saved my life. I feel like I did in college and enjoy each and every day. He taught me to change my lifestyle. I quit smoking and drinking and learned how to eat healthy. There are many DIETS out there but most of them are a temporary solution. It will only be successful if you learn how to eat in a healthy way. You do that by gaining knowledge about health and nutrition. Pascal taught me those very important lessons.

Nathan Rich

I met Pascal in October, 2008. It was the beginning of a weight loss program that included extremely low calories to drop fast significant weight. At the time I weighed 500lbs. I was a little unsure about starting with Pascal at first, so I waited until March, 2009 to start with Pascal. By that time I had been on a extremely low (800) calorie diet for months. I had dropped significant weight, but surely lost a lot of muscle as well.

I had been dieting for years on and off (Atkins, random soup diets, south beach diet, different weight loss “clubs” or “clinics”). I won’t lie and say nothing worked, because everything worked. I lost weight on every single diet I did. The problem was I never really enjoyed what I ate for long term. I would crave carbs if I was on low-carb, or I would want to over-eat if I was on a low calorie diet, or I would want meat on a soup diet. Once I started with Pascal, I really began understanding food, weight loss, fat loss, health, and wellbeing like never before.

Pascal taught me everything about good fats vs. bad fats, and the benefits of a high fiber diet, and high refined or high processed foods. He helped me tailor specific food types that were very healthy, that I enjoyed eating. It was important that he chose foods that I wanted to eat. Of course pizza and Chinese food didn’t fly, but other foods I love were incorporated so it didn’t feel like I was on a diet. My diet has needed adjusted numerous times since I started with Pascal. As I continue to lose fat and build muscle, my ratio of fat/carb/protein changes. Pascal is absolutely the best at pinpointing what needs done at what time to maximize results. Even today I think to myself that everything I eat (Organic hemp bread, organic omega-3 enhanced eggs, raw organic almond butter, light agave nectar, grass fed buffalo, organic baby spinach with garlic, organic haas avocado with tomato, etc) is not a challenge. I genuinely LOVE everything that I eat.

Pascal has also taken me from zero supplementation to a host of super beneficial supplementation that I believe makes me feel much better, and has aided in fat loss. Pascal knows so much about vitamin supplementation. He understands the beneficial supplements from the fraudulent ones, and can really tailor a supplementation plan to fit your specific needs.

Aside from the nutrition/supplementation, Pascal has been an exceptional personal trainer and friend. Since I began working with Pascal, each workout was aimed toward where I was muscularly in order to increase progression. I gained muscle strength very fast, and continue to increase in strength each week. When I started, I could lift 550lbs on leg press, but today I can lift 1,000lbs. Similarly with something like biceps, I went from 80lbs in the beginning to 160lbs today. However, more important than strength building, Pascal taught me how to workout. He taught me the dos and don’ts. He taught me about how many sets, how many reps per set, muscle confusion, and how to get the most of any workout.

Pascal has been a great trainer and friend since I’ve known him. Our workouts, chats about my diet and supplementation, and the consistent backbone of support have been crucial to my success. You must be motivated to lose fat, get healthy, and/or build muscle on your own or it will not happen, but having a lifestyle trainer like Pascal in your corner is a huge benefit that I can attribute much of my accomplishments thus far.

Peter Ajello

Please check his website, another amazing testimonial http://peterajello.com/


Kel Bloomer

Kel Bloomer now 13% bodyfat

 Pascal, is not only an excellent personal trainer, but perhaps the most important, he is an exceptional nutritionist. Pascal is disciplined, attentive and has enabled me to exceed my fat loss and strenghening goals.

When I started I weighed 192 and over 24% bodyfat, I did not lose one pound but I dropped 10% bodyfat. I gained a lot of muscles and lost a lot of  fat.

If you are serious about your physical conditioning, training and healthy aging techniques, I recommend you look no further than Pascal Durand.  

Shaneka Primous Shaneka Primous

From Facebook Shaneka says, “Hey Pascal! I miss working out with you. Since then I’ve made some changes. My husband and I joined weight watchers and exercise five days a week. I’m also reading this amazing book my Dr. Don Colbert. The book is called ” seven pillars of health.” I wish I had the funds to continue to see you. I think you are an awesome fitness/nutrition trainer. You have definitely change the way I look at health and life. Thank you!”



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