The New Diet book “400 calorie Fix”

Nutritionists always advise portion control in order to lose weight.

The new book  “400 Calorie Fix “ offers a variety of recipes that meet that 400-calorie for each meal.

This book is teaching you how to become efficient at measuring out smaller portion.   After a while, it becomes easier to gauge how many calories you’re eating without needing to weigh or measure out your foods.

This book is teaching you exactly how much food you must eat at each sitting, to minimize insulin secretion, that triggers your body to store body fat.

But, the disadvantage is its flexibility.  I really do not like the idea that you can literally eat anything you like, as long as you never eat more than 400 calories each meal.

It can be empty calories, or made with refined carbs or dangerous fats, so for this reason, I strongly disagree with this book.

Leaving the choice of what to eat up to an uneducated dieter is not a smart choice, since he could choose better nutritional choices.  The book encourages healthy eating, it still gives too much room to pick and choose what they want to eat, such as processed food (as long as each meal falls under 400 calories).

Is the diet healthy?

Not totally.  It gives too much freedom to eat unhealthy foods on a regular basis without feeling  guilty. However, this book still encourages people who wants to lose weight, to  make healthier choices and eat smaller portion.

There are four groups of recipes in the book that are divided according to their nutritional benefits:

  • The Red Star group are recipes rich in monounsaturated fatty acids, such as olive oil and avocado, good for your heart
  • The Orange Star group are recipes rich in fiber, at least seven grams
  • The Blue Star group are recipes rich in protein, good to build muscle 
  • The Green Star group are recipes that contain at least one cup of fruits and vegetables.

The book promotes eating smaller meals several times a day, as well as eating a lot of different types of foods, which are two things that I also recommend to my clients.

You will  lose weight, and maintain a healthier lifestyle, if you have  more variety in your diet, The foods must also be: 

  • Healthy
  • Tasty
  • Nutritious

Many of the program’s recipes are accompanied by pictures, which many diet books never contain.  These extra pictures may motivate people who wants to lose weight.  But these recipes require some time and patience to prepare them, which could be an issue for many people looking for a more convenient way to lose weight.

The Star system may help educate people about:

  • Fiber
  • Healthy fats
  • Protein
  • Low glycemic load carbohydrate 

When your goal is to lose weight and fat, then you need to have a nutritional plan combined with cardio and weightlifting.  Trying to achieve fat loss strictly through your diet, is not as effective. ( read my article weight loss versus fat loss) I highly recommend to hire a personal trainer to achieve your goals.


The 400 Calorie Fix is essentially a diet based on portion control and calorie counting, which is encouraged by most top nutritionists.  If you can fill the 1,600 calories you’re allowed to eat daily with plenty of healthy, nutrient-rich foods, then it’s a simple, no-nonsense approach to watching your weight, but you will need more to burn only fat and to get an amazing shape.

Eating a reduced calorie diet will improve a dieter’s chances of weight loss.  The problem is that the 400 Calorie Fix offers no new information and is just a collection of recipes to follow.

For more informations, you can email me.  I work in Palm Beach, West palm Beach and Palm Beach Gardens. 

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