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Misconceptions about weight loss is frequent, and over the years a number of weight loss myths have emerged.

Weight loss is not a difficult thing to achieve when you follow my 8 principles. I will show you some weight loss tips that can help you understand the proper way to lose only fat and in a healthy way.

Weight loss tips #1. When we gain weight we blame too often our metabolism or hormones.

The cause can be (too many caloric intake, processed food, food intolerance, imbalanced diet, physical inactivity, carbohydrate sensitivity, repetitive weight loss diets, muscle loss, hormonal problems or psychological reasons), the most important point is one: We wouldn’t get fat  if we choose our food carefully, consume less and exercise more.Hormone is only of of the reasons.

Weight loss tips #2. Some people weight more because they have bigger bones

The differences between a heavier and a lighter frame are a few hundred grams, not kilograms, like some people imagine.

Weight loss tips #3. Any weight loss diets are good for you if you follow them strictly.

There are many weight loss diets that are extremely bad for your metabolism and your health. This is because they are not personalized, too fad, too imbalanced or too low in calories.

Weight loss tips #4. When men and women follow the same weight loss diet, they can both lose the weight.

A woman loses weight harder than a man, while men can lose more pounds in the same period than women (hormones, metabolism, gender,age,muscle mass) are important factor for weight loss.

Weight loss tips #5. A good weight loss diet is losing weight fast.

A good diet is one that is healthy for you, and fits in your lifestyle. You must  lose fat by learning  how to feed your body properly, so you do not gain back your fat.

Weight loss tips #6. You can only lose weight for a certain period of time.

Diets with timetables always fail or are temporary.That is why a proper lifestyle diet is necessary to have a normal weight. You can follow a lifestyle diet forever while you can follow a weight loss diet only for a few months.

Weight loss tips #7.A calorie is a calorie.

The reduction of calories should be done by limiting foods that contain less nutrients (empty calories), especially sugar and a lot of calories from trans fat and other bad fat. If you reduce calories from whole food, your body will miss essential nutrients  that can help your body to lose fat.

Weight loss tips #8. The calories do not play a role in a weight loss diet.

You start to lose weight , when you eat fewer calories than you need, you lose weight, because the body covers the difference between what we need and what we are resorting to the stocks. This is the only reason that the caloric intake plays a major role in an attempt to lose weight, but it is a mistake to think that weight loss depends only on the calories.

Weight loss tips #9. Extreme low calorie diet is not bad  

The low-calorie diets (less than 1,200 a day) are dangerous because the body begins to burn more muscle tissue than fat. When the daily deficit overcomes 1.200-1.500 calories you will lose lean mass and water, and very little fat.

Weight loss tips #10. To lose weight, you must stop eating.

If you start to eat much less than what you need, the brain perceives the reduction of energy and reacts with a mandate to use reserves. If the situation continues, it will feel threatened, will create conditions for survival with fewer calories: Will force us to limit our physical activities, creating «artificial obstacles», such as dizziness, fatigue and drowsiness, the increase hunger will reduce metabolism and increase resistance to weight reduction, ie with the same calorie deficit will not lose pounds, while with a largest deficit of calories we will lose fewer pounds.

Weight loss tips#11 To lose weight, I must deprived myself

This is absolutely not true. The most acceptable «diet» today is based on the normal daily diet, based on our personal preferences, improving quality and reducing the quantity of food received and increasing physical activity whenever possible. A weight loss diet does not mean deprivation but keeping the food enjoyment with lower doses and less guilt.

Weight loss tips #12. People suffering from thyroid can not lose fat.

Thyroid issues can result in a reduction of the metabolism and due to this, an increase in the body fat. This can justify in most cases an increase of 2-3 kg – no more. With the help of an integrative physician, the problem can be resolved.

Weight loss tips #13. The protein diets are the best for weight loss.

Any diet that promotes a greater intake of some constituents at the expense of others is dangerous because it disrupts the biochemical balance of the body and does not supply all the nutrients needed.You need good carbs, you need good fat, but whey protein promote fat loss but do not take it in excess.

Weight loss tips #14. The pounds will be lost from specific parts of the body.

The way we lose weight depends mainly on our genes. Nobody knows, and cannot know in advance from which parts of the body there will be fat loss and cannot expect that the fat loss will be from the same body parts as the previous diet. Many time during weigh loss the problematic areas seem more fat, the weak areas become weaker and almost always we keep the same shape, but with smaller dimensions.

The above weight loss tips can help you understand the truths and myths about weight loss. If you are willing to make the effort, have a lot of patience and get proper weight loss help and tips ,hire the right personal trainer/nutrition consultant


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