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Do Amino Acids, Sports Performance and Weight Loss Supplements really help?

Most people are interested in losing weight to look good.   But losing weight also reduce the risk of a number of diseases.  Eatin a fewer calories may result in a longer life span accompanied by optimal health and wellness. While study in animals have shown that calorie restriction prolong life, people find it challenging to eat less while maintaining proper nutrition.

By taking specific amino acid supplements, weight loss supplements, and dietary supplements  to reduce excess body fat, men and women find it easier to meet their dieting goals.

A good personal trainer should recommend consulting with your integrative physician before embarking upon a weight loss and exercise regimen, and recommends the use of nutritional supplements to compensate for any reduction in essential nutrients that may occur during a diet.  A good nutritional program should be balanced.

Life extension recommend individual amino acid supplements to target specific areas of health and wellness. Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins.  Some are used as weight loss supplements that additionally help build muscle, while others help maintain a healthy immune system, stabilize mood, weight loss and offer other benefits.

Digestive enhancement, including a variety of enzymes, becomes increasingly helpful as we get older, to improve the body’s ability to break down food. Probiotic help maintain normal intestinal microflora (which can be disrupted by antibiotic therapy), which helps to prevent the overgrowth of harmful microorganisms and improves digestion. Probiotic can also stimulate weight loss.

Fiber acts as a bulking agent in the stomach and intestine, which means you feel fuller and may eat less.  Your diet should contain soluble and insoluble fiber.  As well as curbing the appetite, fiber from food,  and fiber supplements help maintain bowel movement and promote weight loss.

Whether you’re an athlete looking to improve your performance in competition, or an individual trying to get lean and work out regulary, nutritional supplements for sports performance can give you a boost.

A regular weightlifting program, combined with the right dietary supplements, prevent the loss of muscle mass, that is considered an inevitable part of aging as well as improves almost every other aspect of our health and wellness.  Remember that muscle burn fat.

Soy supplements included powdered soy protein and encapsulated soy isoflavone nutritional supplements. Diets low in pro-inflammatory fat that include 25 grams of soy protein a day may reduce the risk of heart disease.  But stay away fron processed soy isolate.

Dietary supplements are of great benefit in weight management.  While some nutritional supplements promote the intake of fewer calories or a greater fat-burning effect, others ensure proper nutrition during periods of restricted calorie intake.  According to Life extension, a large body of research that has taken place over the past few decades, restricting the calories in our diet may not only result in weight loss, but may contribute to a longer life, with a greater proportion of those years spent in good health.

I work as a lifestyle personal trainer/nutrition consultant in West Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens and Palm Beach

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