Whey protein and weight loss

How Whey Protein Helps Muscle Growth and Weight Loss

There are two primary ways in which whey protein can help with weight loss:

  • Helping to repair and build muscle
  • Curbing hunger.

Your muscles need to have protein in order to repair any tears you might experience. For example, when you are working out, you are actually causing small tears in your muscles that then get repaired, making the muscle stronger and larger. In order to restore your muscles following exercise, your body needs a steady supply of protein. With whey protein, you will be able to get one of the most pure forms of protein that will build and tone muscle following exercise.

Using whey protein in your diet will also help with weight loss. Not only will it make you feel more energized, but it will help to curb your appetite.

High protein foods, like whey protein, break down more slowly in the digestive system, which gives you a slow burning energy that will help you to stay moving throughout the day. Studies have shown too that when you add whey protein to your diet along with a weightlifting program, you will be able to lose more weight (fat burning) in a shorter period of time and keep it off. The extra muscle you have on your body will increase metabolism and help you to continue to burn calories, even when at rest.

Aside from weight loss and building muscle, whey protein has also been found to be a beneficial supplement for seniors. Since the body loses muscle as you become older, whey protein will help to slow this process down. By adding whey protein to your diet while getting regular exercise, most seniors find they can slow muscle loss and do more weightlifting, which helps to maintain good bone density.

When you add whey protein to your diet, you will increase your muscle mass and allow for easier weight loss. But whey protein isn’t just for dieters and bodybuilders. You can also use it as you age to ensure you stay fit and active for as long as possible.

Make sure that your personal trainer/nutrition consultant is very well educated on this topic, the choice of whey protein powder is crucial.



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