Why Drinking More Water

Water: the essential nutrient

The vast majority of  Americans are chronically dehydrated and fail to drink the minimum eight glasses of water per day recommended by health and nutrition experts.

Not good, considering water is the second most important nutrient to the human body next to oxygen.  

Filtered water can clear toxins from your body and helps fats pass through your system before they can be stored. That is one of the reasons it is so effective as a fat loss supplement.  Water will help any substance that your body does not need exit safely and it will also greatly aid in transporting the necessary nutrients throughout the body.

Water can cause you to eat less.  Before you go to a restaurant or a party, drink a lot of water with PGX fiber and propolmannan.Water has a tendency to give you a very “full” feeling, however it has no caloric value, and can promote fat loss.

If you really want to lose the weight, you’ll drink the water. By keeping you. full, water greatly aids a low calorie diet and sometimes will cause you to refuse that second helping or that “one cookie” that you just want to “taste.”

How much should you drink?

 Nobody really knows. Try to use common sense, if you work outdoor in florida in summer or in Chicago in winter, it will vary dramatically. The average adult should consume a minimum of  eight glasses of purified water, not in a plastic bottle, full of xenoestrogens.

You should never let your body become thirsty and you should try to drink evenly throughout the day. Don’t not drink water all day and then at 6:00 start chugging a quarter of a gallon of water every hour. That isn’t the healthy way to do it. Also, you’re going to want to increase your water intake before, during, and after workouts.

Supplying your body with water before the workout is a smart idea. During your workout, you’ll want to drink some water between sets. Don’t over do it.

After your workout, you want to drink water to help replenish what you lost during the workout, drinking water after your workout will also increase the flow of nutrients throughout the body. This is the most important time to make sure your body is getting what it needs. Make sure you also take some sugar to spike your insulin to replenish your nutrient.

As a lifestyle personal trainer and nutrition consultant, I highly recommend to drink plenty of purified water through the day to get lean and healthy.

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